KAMEDA INFOLOGICS PVT. LTD. – Healthcare IT Consulting in India.

KAMEDA INFOLOGICS PVT. LTD. – Healthcare IT Consulting in India.

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Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd. is the front runner in healthcare domain for the past two decades in the development of software products related to health care management. The company is located in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. A user friendly Health Care Information System, YASASII® is developed by them which is actually the backbone of many Healthcare establishments in the world including the South and South-Eastern Asia, Middle East, Southern Africa and the United States. Kameda Infologics's aim is to create value for all stakeholders - Customers, Employees, Investors, Users, Partners and Vendors To become Asia's leading and the most reputed healthcare software company Capture more than 50% of the region's HIS market To be a market leader in HIS-ERP industry by 2020.

IT infrastructure has a major role for the effective management of any business. Healthcare industry is not an exception to this. Infologics helps the clients to adopt the right combination of platforms by assisting them in building, designing and managing all of IT Infrastructure. The company provides on-site support along with 24x7 helpdesk by drafting an operational guide. “Our domain expertise and enriched experience at client facilities, software development, product implementation, and post product implementation support make us the most preferable service provider for small, medium and large healthcare enterprises,” says Dr. Ataat Khan, Managing Director, Infologics.


Kameda Infologics has a long term experience in providing IT solution for the healthcare industry. The company was established in the year 2000 in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. They have established our presence over the years through the South and South-Eastern Asia, Middle East, Southern Africa and the United States. They partnered with Dr. Toshitada Kameda and APIUS Co., his Software development company based in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Kameda is a expertise in Healthcare IT industry and has developed a complete integrated hospital information system that has been paperless since 1995. They use these best practices, quality procedures and systems for our software development. The software development team works with the objective of providing value for money to the investment made by the customer. Their innovative Healthcare Information Systems provides cutting-edge technology while facing global competition and new business realities. Every business, devoid of its nature and size, demands a lot from its investment in information systems. Lower costs, higher return-on-investment, faster response and flexible features are the customer's requirement these days. They combine the medical knowledge along with our information technology to deliver innovative solutions that can radically improve patient care and ensure high quality in running the hospital systems.


Kameda Infologics ensures the efficiency in healthcare. Save lives, improve quality of care and reduce cost through effective use of information technology is the mission we focus on. When a patient comes to a healthcare facility, he/she is sick, tired and needs urgent care and attention, and unfortunately we make them run around the hospital to fulfill the processes, the patient does not come to a hospital for entertainment or fun. Hence, we need to improve our systems, processes, and workflows and use technology as a tool and an enabler in improving the experience of delivering effective and efficient care. Our vision is "A patient healthcare information system that enable the governors, managers and end-users to visualize information with transparency in order to make the best decision in a short time with the least resources" 


The company is providing IT Consulting, IT Infrastructure and Software Support. We always ensures efficiency in Health Care Systems.


Kameda Infologics offers a high range of consulting solutions for the clients which helps to attain their goals. They always deliver quality service by consulting with our healthcare experts and Industry knowledge.

Expertise in

  • Software product development and customization
  • Interfacing of medical equipments with HIS
  • Change Management
  • Data Conversion & Validation
  • Enterprise Reporting & Data Analysis Services
  • Helpdesk/Training
  • IT Operational Process Optimization
  • IT Strategy & Business Automation Services
  • Machine Interfacing
  • Project Management and Program Management
  • Production Go-Live/Post Go-Live Support
  • QA Testing & Validation
  • Security & system Setup and Risk Assessment
  • Application Analysis, Design and Developments

Kameda Infologics’s industrial experience with different clients makes sought after the service providers for small, medium and large Health Care facilities. They are committed ourselves to consistently deliver better, faster and ever evolving services.


IT infrastructure affects every aspects of a business in many ways. The company requires Industry specific expertise and know-how for high availability, adequacy, and responsiveness which are non-negotiable requirements, for any global corporations. Kameda Infologics are providing support you in designing, building and managing all of your available IT Infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Simple & Easy
  • Comprehensive
  • Integrated
  • Interoperable
  • Scalable
  • Competitive/Affordable
  • Flexible


Kameda Infologics are providing the healthcare IT consulting services and support to the clients in software product development and customization. They give the following supports to the clients


The Customers can access to Kameda Infologics’s helpdesk for telephone and e-mail assistance on a 04:00-13:00 hrs GMT coverage basis on all the working days. If there is some critical issues, we shall provide their helpdesk 24x7.


Kameda Infologics provide operational guidance to our customers once our support commences. The document will establish mutually agreed processes and contact points in order to provide effective support services and cooperation.


Kameda Infologics’s representatives will give you support at your workplace by analyzing of all your concerns with appropriate fixes or work-around.


Website: www.kamedainfologics.net

Email: contact@kamedainfologics.com

Call: +91 471 3048170-78

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