Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

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  1. Affiliate

Typically, an affiliate is someone who owns a website or email list and earns money from helping advertisers promote their products or services. Many online products and services offer affiliate programs; people just need to sign up for the program to start earning affiliate commissions.

2. Alt Text

The alt (short for alternative) text, also known as "alt attributes" or “alt descriptions”, appears when you hold your mouse over an image on a website. The alt text is used to describe the appearance and uses of an image so that, when the image cannot be loaded, this text will appear instead. It is also helpful for visually impaired users who use screen-reading software when browsing the web; this information can be read by the software, allowing these visitors to better understand the image on the web page.

3. Anchor Text

On a web page, the anchor text is the highlighted or underlined text that contains a link to another page within the site or a page on a different site.

4. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who leave a web page without visiting another page on the same site. In most circumstances, it can be used to determine the relevance of the information on the page to the people who visit it.

5. Broken Link

A broken link will provide a link to a page that no longer exists, either because the page has been deleted or the URL has been changed. When one clicks on a broken link, they will see a page with the “404 error” message which is usually followed by the phrase, “page cannot be found”.

6. Captcha

Captcha is a tool used to prevent spam. This usually comes in the form of a challenge or response test that’s hard for a bot to solve, like asking people to type distorted characters shown on the screen, solve a simple math problem, or click on the images that fit a given criteria

7. Clickthrough Rate

Clickthrough rate (CTR) is a metric typically used to gauge whether or not an online advertising campaign for a website or an email campaign has been a success. The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of people who click on a specific link on a website or email blast, by the total number of people who have viewed the web page, email, or advertisement.

8. Conversion

Conversion is a marketing term that describes when a site visitor completes a desired action or marketing goal, like signing up for an email newsletter, registration for a free seminar, downloading an online coupon, or making an online purchase.

9. Conversion Rate

This refers to the percentage of people who have completed a desired action on a single web page, such as make an online purchase. When a web page is described as having a high conversion rate, this means that visitors on this page are highly responsive to what the page is designed to do.

10. Crawler

Also known as a 'bot' or 'spider', a crawler is the term typically used to refer to a software used by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to explore the Internet to locate and index websites. A crawler is used to explore website content, capture information and then take this to the search engine to be included in the search engine’s database.

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